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The Team

Rich and Al make up the Bike Align team. Between them they have over 40 years’ experience as aeronautical engineers. You might ask why that is relevant? Well it gives them an irrational need to solve problems, a keen eye for detail and a drive to consistently work to high standards.


How did Bike Align begin?

One problem a few years ago led to the team forming. Al was the first customer of Bike Align. At the time there wasn't a company, a name and neither had a clue that there was such a thing as a bike fit. But there was a problem. Chronic knee pain after any length of ride. 

They set about to find a solution, trying each and every trick, change, tweak and watching every tutorial going. Then they came across an article by a retiring experienced dynamic bike fitter, who would eventually go on to train them both. Through his article, skill and expertise he fixed the issue in no time. Trouble riding 10 miles turned into a 112-mile sportive in 8 months. This is the point when the value of a good bike fitter dawned on them and the bug set in.

Why Bike Align?

There are so many reviews of bike fitters not fixing the issues and utilising fancy looking kit but leaving out the human element of the fit. We mean it when we say every fit is as individual as you are.

At Bike Align we fit in a dynamic way to fit you to your bike. We take a mix of the old and the new methods and tech to fit you as individuals.  Our aims are to ensure everyone leaves feeling they’ve received value for money and to keep as many people as possible cycling in a pain free way. It’s that simple, to get you comfortable and efficient on the bike. 

Comfortable doesn't mean slow either, every client to date has left with increased performance. Some by over 10%, just by being in the best position on the bike for them.

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