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A non refundable deposit will be requested to secure your booking.

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saddle fit.


Approx 1/2 hr

  • Customer interview

  • Selle Italia IDmatch smart caliper

  • Saddle measurement and style advice

Bicycle Store

Pre-Purchase fit


3/4 hr to 1 hr

  • As saddle fit plus

  • Flexibility assessment and key anatomical measurements

  • Handle bar width assessment

  • Determine optimum crank length

  • Shoe and cleat assessment

  • Report: Summary of recommendations

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Dynamic bike fit including shoes and cleats

£150 (first bike)

2-3 hours

  • As saddle and pre-purchase fit plus

  • Dynamically measure anatomical geometries

  • Assess upper body stability

  • Optimise saddle position

  • Assess handlebar position

  • Optimise shifter location

  • Assess frontal x-sectional area and possible aerodynamic improvements

  • Foot assessment including forefoot posture, foot stability and toe in/out

  • Optimise cleat positioning

  • Dynamic review of lateral knee displacement

  • Analyse Pedaling style to ensure an efficient stroke

  • Flexibility and strengthening advise

  • Performance assessment in new position

  • Complete all adjustments, torque fixings and safety checks

  • Report: full report of the session including bike dimensions.

Two Friends Biking

£75 per bike

when fitted at the same time as the first

1/2 to 1 1/2 hours

Additional bikefit

As per dynamic bike fit.

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