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Although I didn’t have any specific aches/pain/niggles when riding, I always wondered if my bike actually ’fitted’ me properly.

After two hours being fit tested by two highly knowledgeable individuals, I’ve now had most comfortable ride I can recall.

I’m now a convert to bike fitting and can’t overstate the importance of ensuring a bike it perfectly tailored the in individual riding it.

If you’re are thinking about having a bike fit then do it, you wont regret it. Choose the Bike Align team and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Had my bike alignment carried out today by the guys at bike align.

Excellent job done by the boys. Quality work and never felt more comfortable on my bike. Took there time to explain what they were doing and why. To a novice cyclist it was great to hear there expert advice.

Thanks guys for your efforts and can't wait to go out on my bike now.

Steve L


What a great service and outcome from the guys at Bike Align. Worth investing your time and money in doing it right and these guys certainly know what they are doing. Worked through all areas in turn with some great questions, clear communication all the way through on what was happening and taking their time to precisely adjust to get it just right for me.

Whilst it felt very different on leaving to when i started (i guess that is the point for most bike fits!) there is no doubting the results it had on even the very first ride, rode faster, felt stronger, got up the hills better and in less pain too. Everything I wanted from the fit.

Wish I had done this years ago, now to clock some more miles up

Thanks to you both for a great bike fit. Highly recommended

Steve W

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